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Discover your city. Record your experiences. STAMP is a new mobile platform that helps you find the best places in your town or city. STAMPs are short geo-tagged video reviews, created by our users, for our users. Join our closed alpha and start creating great content at your favourite locations now.

Content creators and content consumers. Perhaps most of us fall into one of these two categories. Perhaps some of us fall into both. 

Its never been easier to be a creator. Publishing platforms like Medium allow us to find an audience for our written words. YouTube provides anyone with a camera and some editing software a place to share their content. TripAdvisor and Yelp turn any average joe into a restaurant critic.

And in its own little way, STAMP provides anyone with the app and a phone the opportunity to document their experiences at their favourite places. A platform to curate and create (is that a snappy tag line?). 

But just because people have the option to create, doesn't mean they want to. For most people, consumption is what they prefer - whether that be Medium articles, YouTube videos or STAMPs. This isn't a problem for an established platform where there exists a healthy balance between creators amd consumers. 

The problem for STAMP, in this early stage, is that you almost need everyone to be an avid creator. You need people who have no qualms in whipping out their phone and videoing a tasty starter, an exciting product or an exemplary show of customer service. With an initial body of content, you're then in a much better position to cater for the natural consumers out there. 

Its hard to guage what sort of spread we have amongst our alpha testers at this stage. We're grateful to have every single one of them feeding us ideas, improvements and bugs. But at a time when we need to consider whether we have the necessary triggers and incentives to inspire use of STAMP, do we need to bear in mind that some our testers may just be natural consumers? 

The solution? More testers probably. With more people comes more content. More use cases for which to test the app. More indication of what's important and what's not. The constant search for that oh so sweet validation. 

The struggle is real. This week saw us undertake some of our first meetings with small business owners - the type we feature in our app. And just like the feedback from users, the feedback from businesses has started to highlight a whole different set of potential problems and opportunities. The allure of user generated video content. The frustration of just another (perceived) review platform. The potential to improve discovery. 

With so many options, we'll soon have to decide which path we want to take...

'til next time

S x

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