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The STAMP Three is a curated list of recommendations created by our users. We check out the places they've been and the video reviews they've created, all so we can share their experiences with you. It's like a Buzzfeed list, know...better (and without the clickbait). 

We like ping pong. Like really really like ping pong. So much so that if we see one at a bar, we're all set for the evening (to the despair of our friends who didn't sign up to four hours of table tennis). So when we saw someone had STAMPed a bar with table tennis, well we had to include it didn't we. Enjoy today's recommendations. 

Flesh & Buns

41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX


Name a more dynamic duo - rock music and steamed buns. We'll wait. Flesh & Buns is brought to you by the team behind Bone Daddies. So expect some quality nosh and great atmosphere. Bump this place up your London bucket list.   

Getting a table can be tricky. But its well worth the wait. Steamed buns to die for
— STAMP User

Roxy Ballroom

58 Boar Ln, Leeds LS1 6HW

Forever ruining the concept of quiet drinks with friends, Roxy Ballroom caters for those who want to practice hand eye coordination whilst sinking a few drinks. Expect your table tennis skills to deteriorate as the night progresses and be thankful they give you plenty of ping pong balls...

Great place to come after work for a spot of ping pong. Highly recommend dropping by with a few mates for Saturday night beer pong too
— STAMP User


22 Oxford St, Harrogate HG1 1PU


The embodiment of community, Baltzersens work hard to champion the independent food and drink scene. Supporting local indies with loyalty schemes, they also find time to make delicious Scandinavian inspired treats. The cinnamon buns are a local favourite. 

Need a pit stop from shopping? Good luck trying to resist the latte-cinnamon bun combo
— STAMP User

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