And we're live

I'm late writing my entry this week. That's because it was going to be about our alpha going live. This was meant to happen on Monday. It's now Saturday...There were delays. 

I'm used to delay. I've just opened my calendar and we'd originally planned the Alpha for November 7th. So I guess a months delay isn't tooo bad. It's funny because I went to a workshop last week on how to project manage the development of your digital project. Maybe I didn't learn that much.

As per these talks, it was all agile, lean, MVP, blah blah blah. Despite my disdain for acronyms and jargon, it was a useful session. But I reckon there should just be some blanket rule that whatever timeline/shipping date you assign to a product, development sprint, or whatever...quadruple it. Manage expectations! Then you don't feel bad about your management skills. 

Anyway, this morning I sent the invites out to our small cohort of alpha testers. They initially signed up to our eventual Beta test, but with some staff holidays and things generally dragging on, we thought we'd just get them all on the alpha. #progress.

STAMP is fairly buggy right now. In fact at this moment in time, I can't access my profile page for some reason (*raises report ticket*). But generally (emphasis on the generally), it works okay-ish. Good enough for people to get an idea of what we're trying to do here at STAMP. 

That's the whole point of an MVP right? I recently read an interesting piece on MVPs which i'd recommend. Really made me think about what we had spec.ed up with our own app. Had we done too much? Or maybe too little. I guess only time and user feedback will tell. 

The key focus now is to ensure we can get some decent data and feedback from these alpha testers. Im expecting some degree of attrition and drop off from this initial cohort. So any tips on how to keep your testers motivated and engaged (on a budget) - hit me up. Aside from offering people early access to new tech and a free coffee/tutorial from yours truly, i'm struggling to think how I can incentivise people without using cash monies...

On that note, do you want to try out STAMP? It would help if you were based in the UK. London is fine, but Leeds is preferable if you're based around those parts. This is mainly because we present users with a curated list of locations, for which we've only currently done so for Leeds. Anyone can use STAMP anywhere, you just have to add/suggest your own locations before creating your video reviews. Help us start developing the STAMP platform in your area! Sign up here

And with that plug, I think that's enough for this week. I need to go to my local artisan coffee shop and create my first STAMP video review. Thats if the app doesn't break before then...

'til next time

S x

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