Dealing with distance

Brief recap: Three guys start a business. That business gives them a great idea for an app. They have no idea how to develop an app. Luckily they manage to form a team which has the skills to start building their concept. They embark on their app development journey. Cue epic music. 

Today we’re going to talk about geography. In days of old, distance would have been an absolute killer for start up businesses. Yet nowadays we have communication tools that make miles and timezones seem like nothing. 

The STAMP team is geographically spaced to say the least. We’re not talking London, San Fran and Singapore - we’re UK based. There’s a few of us down in London, one up in Yorkshire, and this one guy who kind of bounces between the two. Fortunately he’s probably gonna be sticking about in the capital for a while… we hope.

We see that geographical variability as a good thing. People think London is the be-all and end-all when it comes to launching new tech businesses, but perhaps that's not entirely the way it should be. We have plans for our app, that at the moment will see it launch in other UK cities prior to London. Of course this is all open to change and negotiation, because who knows what the hell might happen. But despite its flexibility and openness to change...we have a plan. 

STAMP is still at the stage where we’re not in a position to quit our jobs for it. And before you say that means we’re not completely driven to see our idea succeed, people have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed...okay. 

This means we don’t have an office as such. No quirky collaborative work space. No break out rooms. No calming company bonsai trees. What we do have is Skype (yeh we’re sure Google Hangouts is great too blah blah blah), and a host of other tools to help us stay connected and in the loop. In fact, maybe we’ll make a few of them the subject of future blogs. 

All this means is that we function almost as if we were physically in the same space. Progress isn’t impeded, key discussions aren’t avoided and most importantly, we’re not at risk of growing sick of each other (just yet). You read a lot of stuff when you’re trying to cultivate a new venture. You read things that make you think you’re going about it the wrong way. In reality though, there are no right or wrong ways to do something like this. 

There are broad concepts related to development and entrepreneurship that should be taken into consideration, but everything beyond that is open to negotiation. It’s all about working smart, not hard. 

So for now our geographically disseminated team is still functional, our daytime jobs are still required but our drive and passion is no less diluted. And as long as we have an internet connection that allows us to all meet up in virtual chat-land, we’ll still start our meetings taking the piss out of each before getting down to the serious business of app development. 

Till next time