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Discover your city. Record your experiences. STAMP is a new mobile platform that helps you find the best places in your town or city. STAMPs are short geo-tagged video reviews, created by our users, for our users. Join our closed alpha and start creating great content at your favourite locations now.

I've read a bunch of articles on how user acquisition isn't enough. Sure your sign ups may be impressive, but you can't just stop there. Those idle individuals teetering on the edge of your product, about to fall away back into the murky ether, need a tactical poke to become 'activated'.

With the STAMP alpha now live and a growing list of testers who 'supposedly' want to test the app, we've also had concerns over whether those numbers will translate into active STAMPers. It's easy for someone to fill out a short sign up form, it's harder for them to actually go out into town and start using the app (and a buggy version at that). 

Unfortunately you can't just berate all your testers via WhatsApp and nag them to use the app like you can with your friends. Apparently it's also unacceptable to spam their email inbox as well.(fortunately MailChimp already thinks our emails are spam anyway). So we had to get a little 'creative' in order to make our alpha testers feel loved and wanted. 

And what's more creative than a closed Facebook group? Nothing screams 'exclusivity' like an invite to a new group from the 'founder' of a 'cool' app. Throw in a witty pinned post and some generic GIFs, and you're half way to having a dedicated tribe of active testers. 

Not content with just having some Facebook representation, we also decided to slide into our tester's inboxes on a daily basis. If persistent nagging can prop up marriages, then surely it can make someone use your app every once in a while. So when that nagging is disguised as a helpful 6-day onboarding experience that leads your target audience through all facets of your app and social're onto a winner there mate. 

Then there's healthy competition. And i'm not talking about the pursuit of monetary prizes. We're too cheap for that. I'm talking about the old "hey, if you create some great content, we'll post it on our socials and credit you for all the world to see". Fake internet points are currency and alpha testers are looking to invest. Make sure you utilise this incentive before you decide to dig into your pockets for amazon gift vouchers or whatever. 

On a daily basis, I check our content management system to see what content has been created and which new locations have been added. At the start of our alpha, it was only members of the STAMP team who were actively participating in the app. But in the last week, the proportion of content created by true alphers has been growing. New locations are popping up in random locations and I couldn't be happier.

Our Facebook group is also a hot bed (sort of) of healthy debate. Testers are posting suggestions, queries and oh so helpful screenshots of things that are broken with the app. Its constructive, polite and no-one has called STAMP a pile of shit. Sure some of them are friends or acquaintances. But we're seeing increasing participation by unknowns. And thats really awesome. 

I guess you shouldn't underestimate the dedication and support of individuals who like getting their hands on new stuff. They are willing to look through the lack of polish and see your product for what it is. Then they'll tell you how to make it better. Pretty cool when you think about.

Shout out to the STAMP alphas - you da real MVPs. 

'til next time 

S x

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