How not to maintain an online presence

Its been seven long months since we last posted an update to the STAMP blog. I'd like to say we have a good excuse, but I don't think we do. All I can say is that life got in the way a bit...

You see STAMP has been a part-time pursuit up until now. Five guys (not the delicious fast food establishment), with full time jobs and plenty of commitments. That makes continuity difficult. Although we've been hard at work developing the app and planning our launch, deadlines have slipped and development milestones have fallen by the wayside. 

Hopefully, all that is about to change. 

Yours truly, fresh from graduating, is now making STAMP his full-time endeavour. Development is almost complete, a beta-test is in the pipeline, and we have renewed passion to get STAMP out there and into user's hands. 

So with this new dynamic, we've rebranded (what do you think?), re worked the website (thoughts?) and started afresh on our social media presence. Everybody tells you that to build your following you need to be consistent, committed and varied in the content you post. Three things I have completely neglected since we last spoke. 

But as a future launch date approaches, we need to utilise our network. Currently this is severely lacking in people (except those friends we pestered into following/liking us) 

So it begins here. Regular updates, shitty tweets and a brave attempt to generate some excitement around what we're creating. 

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Till next time 

S x