Testing your focus

Welcome back to the STAMP chronicles. We hope you're being at least mildly amused by our little stories. Heres the latest edition. 

This week we've been thinking pretty seriously about focus groups and beta-testers. So seriously in fact that we're hoping to start the process by the end of the month. Sounds like progress. Handing over our buggy app to a bunch of testers is both exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. 

For STAMP - we reckon our user base will encompass the 18-35 age group. Why? Because that just seems reasonable okay. Of course if we suddenly find that tech savvy 70-80 year olds absolutely love it, we'll pivot our strategy to focus on them. We do have an ageing population after all.

Such a broad demographic makes organising useful focus group sessions quite tough. We want feedback from across this age range and so we've decided to organise multiple groups of testers. 

First up - the  school leavers. Young, impressionable and about to burst into adult life, we'll be interested to see whether our concept is useful or relevant to them. Then we're hitting up the university students. Burdened with debts and living off pot noodles, we're hoping the draw of free pizza and a can of heineken will make them like us and say nice things. 

Then theres the poorly defined young professionals. With a bit more disposable income and perhaps a taste for the 'experience economy', will they find our app both useful and engaging? Only time will tell. 

Expectations are low to be honest. We're donning our thick skin and stockpiling the tissues in preparation for brutal feedback. But if that happens, its okay. Its the whole point of discussing your ideas and letting other people test them out. Ultimately its going to help us build a better product and guide future development. 

Plus its sort of like the start of marketing STAMP. Despite the small groups, there might be a little bit of buzz generated. Word of mouth and a quick google to find out more. As long as the app isn't too buggy and shit, people might actually say some nice things about it to their friends. 

Or they'll ward them away from the impending launch of this bad app. Who knows. We'll let you know how it goes. If you fancy getting involved with a bit of testing - give us a shout. 

Until next time.