Valuable talent and where to find it

Woah - we’re already on our third blog. Time flies. Maybe consider catching up on numero uno y numero dos. Son buenos. Es verdad. 

Family is everything. Would you not agree? When you have nothing else, you always have your family. This is assuming you haven’t done something awful to make them hate you. If you haven’t done that, then more often than not, they are the sort of people you can count on. 

Family can also be useful. You may remember that STAMP was having some trouble getting off the ground. With little experience of app development we could only dream about how awesome STAMP could be. We were looking for guidance. A helping hand. Someone who could help us turn the idea into an actual tangible thing.

And then, out of nowhere, at a family gathering, following a conversation with a sibling, there was a meeting in place. A meeting with a developer.

Now up until this point, we hadn’t really thought about how we would go about describing the concept of ‘STAMP’ to someone unfamiliar with it. It's a good test of an idea though - how quickly and simply you can convey the core concept. Everyone talks about how you should describe the problem you’re trying to address and then explain how your idea solves that problem. I’m not sure we necessarily took that route, but we distilled what STAMP was and what we wanted it to be into its core building blocks. We even mapped out a crude walkthrough on several sheets of A3 paper.

Perhaps going to an experienced developer with several sheets of iphone outlines wasn’t the best idea. In all seriousness though, we did literally draw round our phones to create the first ‘mock-ups’ for STAMP. Sure it was amateur but we were damn proud of it. 

When meeting someone for the first time, it’s important to choose somewhere where you can be productive but also feel relaxed. So obviously the natural choice was a pub just round the corner from Finsbury Park Station in London. There, over several pints, I divulged our vision to my brother and his developer friend. I told the story of Little Less Known, and how STAMP was the natural progression of that endeavour. I timidly pulled out my prized A3 sheets for him to critique and watched in apprehension as he sucked his teeth over different aspects of functionality. 

This was such a good opportunity. I had so many questions about how we should go about developing STAMP. Who to approach, what budget we would need, how long it would take. So it was fairly surprising that at end of this meeting, with the final dregs of beer swilling round the bottom of our glasses, the developer finished off his pint and expressed his wish to join the team. Not only him but my brother too. 

It was the ideal situation we’d been looking for. Someone (well two people) who shared our vision and wanted to help create it from the ground up. It was also indicator that we had something interesting here. An idea that people wanted to be involved in. That validation meant a lot. It was the first indication that we may not be completely wasting our time here.

And that was that. Three (four? - aahh actually five) pints down and our team of 3 had just become 5. Things were finally starting to happen...

Till next time.