An origin story not even Marvel could write

STAMP is all about discovery. Finding those interesting places and then sharing your experience with the world. Think of it as your stamp of approval.   

The story behind STAMP begins with three friends. One Summer's day they decided that they would really like to showcase independent businesses. They envisioned a platform, stocked full of nicely filmed and edited videos, that promoted everything from coffee roasters to microbrewers, charcuteries to niche meatball restaurants. The independent industry had exploded with budding entrepreneurs throwing caution to the wind and setting up shop. It was these people, these stories that our three friends wanted to capture. 

So they bought themselves a camera, made themselves a website, and created a YouTube channel. They called this venture Little Less Known. Partly because it sounded cool and partly because it summed up the sort of places they hoped to film. Their home county of Yorkshire was an untapped melting pot of flourishing independents just crying out to be shared. People seemed to have an appetite for independent establishments. Discerning consumers were keen to show their support, and Little Less Known were keen to film.

Unfortunately, they found that although creating a platform is easy, creating a popular platform is hard. Really hard. 

They quickly realised that with all the best intentions in the world, three guys and a camera couldn’t really scratch the surface of this blossoming movement. They had to recruit some help. They had to outsource the work. They had to use the community. 

And as with many things these days, their solution turned out to be a tech solution...

Stay tuned for more